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Ryan Miller

I am just a man trying to make a difference in this world. My greatest joy and passion is Jesus Christ. He is the reason I live, breath, and walk in this life I have. He sacrificed so much for me. And above all else I have the honor to call him father. He has granted me, a sinner, to walk in his Holy ways. I have no higher privilege but to serve Him. Without Him I am nothing, for without Him I am dead, but in Him I'm ALIVE. I seek to honor Christ to bring Him Glory exalting Him not only by what I do, but how I do it. I strive to speak Truth in word and deed not only within my family and friends but to all so trust is maintained in all matters. I believe that God is always at work around us giving us open doors to serve Him faithfully. The task is always bigger than our abilities to complete it, and in this I stand that in myself I can do nothing but by continual dependence on the supernatural power and resources of God all things are possible. In this I strive to make a difference in this world serving Him in all that I do, Photography and all.