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There are many things I enjoy doing, but only a few things I love doing. One of my biggest highlights and joys is simply serving people- feeding the hungry, bringing hope to the hopeless, restoring freedom to the oppressed, creating life in the mist of death, shining light in the darkness, giving to the needy, restore healing to the hurting, but most of all to show Christ to the lost. Everywhere you turn, you see that we do not live in a perfect world. There is so much hurt, pain, and poverty in today's age. There are countless opportunities to reach out to those less fortunate than oneself. This I have come to realize that I truly have been blessed. I have a loving family around me, a warm home, a job to support expenses, and a car (only 9% of the world’s population owns a vehicle). Needless to say there are many many people who survive on less than $1.50 a day.

So what do you do? Do you drop everything and grab the next plane overseas or city. Well, that's not very plausible for everyone. There is a lot that has to be factored into making a decision like that. Such as your job, spouse, family, friends, where you'll go- nor is it right for everyone...but this has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. I have had great opportunities over the past couple years to experience many different cultures. I have spent 6 months in Madagascar/ South Africa working with MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) helping to bring food and medical supplies to villages that have no roads in these remote areas, and helped at several orphanages where babies and children had been found left in the streets to die. I have been to around 10 different countries helping the homeless, needy and sick. Over this time my compassion and heart has grown for such places. I love seeing Children’s faces light up when they realize someone actually loves them as being precious gifts rather than sex or labor slaves. When for the first time a woman feels accepted rather than a poverty number, or seeing a man’s face shine when he receives a job opportunity to support his family for the first time. It is moments like these that keep me going back. I would like to thank-you in advance for all your support. Your giving and generosity is very much appreciated. Know that you are a big part of making a difference and impact in so many lives. Not everyone is able to leave their homes to other exotic and sometimes dangerous locations, but I personally want to say that you are a very much needed asset. Those who give are just as valuable as those who go. Thanks again for contributing and making a way for me to go bless those who are less fortunate than us.

Sincerely Ryan

With a Donation of any amount feel free to download any pictures you like in my galleries. These pictures are for non-profit and strictly for personal use only. All donations will go to fund any service projects and will solely go to help those in need. I will post all my endeavors and trips in my  "Journey" section, so you  can read and know where and what your donations were used for. Thank-you for your support.